Darrell Fishel

Board Member

A semi-retired Business Management and Human Resources professional, Darrell received his Bachelor’s in Accounting from Indiana University, and an MBA from Butler University.

His career began in finance at Indiana University and later moved to Butler University. After spending several years in the for-profit world, in 2005 he took a position with the City of Indianapolis in the Department of Public Works. There he was responsible for contract administration, revenue management and enhancement, and project management. Currently Darrell is an adjunct faculty member with IUPUI’s Organizational Leadership program.

Having volunteered for a number of social and not-for-profit organizations, Darrell currently donates his time at the Damien Center’s Food Pantry. He is also a board member of his neighborhood’s HOA, serving as Treasurer. Both Darrell and his husband, Phil, were directly impacted by the AIDS epidemic in the early years, and they feel strongly about supporting the efforts to minimize the future impact of HIV in Central Indiana.