Kayla Bacon

Harm Reduction Specialist

Kayla is excited to join the Damien Center team as a Harm Reduction Specialist. Originally from New Jersey, Kayla has been involved with harm reduction work since 2019 when she began volunteering with Indiana Pride of Color. While still pursuing her Psychology degree, Kayla was inspired to begin pursuing a career delivering person-centered care to those who need it the most. Drawing from her own experience as someone impacted by HIV and also as a person in recovery, her drive to humanize, destigmatize, and empower those struggling with substance use disorders, serious illness, or unfortunate circumstances in unparalleled.

Kayla holds a strong passion for learning and continued education, introduced to her through the study of positive Zen and psychology. Kayla is a firm believer that cultivating strengths is a more direct route to success than a system built largely on swift judgements and culture bias. She is dedicated to changing the healthcare landscape to include those that the system has forgotten and create a more compassionate, inclusive atmosphere committed to improving quality of life and continuity of care.

Outside of work, Kayla enjoys reading, music, makeup, art, traveling, and cooking.