Mike Coriaty

Linkage to Care Specialist

Mike obtained his BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on History and Art from the University of Washington in his hometown of Seattle. With a plan for a career in education, Mike decided to take off ‘a year, maybe two’ for the opportunity to be a flight attendant. 24 years later, he finally took an early retirement.

“I always remember thinking how silly it seemed when some passengers would get incredibly upset that they couldn’t sit together or that we ran out of Pepsi. Those are what I came think of as “1st-world problems”. I knew first-hand that there were much bigger issues in life. After retiring from the airlines I decided I wanted my next career to involve helping people…as a peer…to navigate and conquer the more serious issues that plague our community and the lives of its people”.

“Joining the Damien Center has been an honor and has enabled me to not only help people in serious need, but to give back to my community”.

Mike enjoys photography/painting, gardening, the gym, cooking, hiking, travel and geology. Mike hates spaghetti.