Nicholas Lipman

Care Coordinator

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Nick graduated with his masters in Mental Health Counseling and Addictions in 2017 from University of Indianapolis after receiving his Bachelors in Psychology from Hanover College in 2015. Nick has worked in numerous community mental health clinics/systems since 2015. After coming out in 2012, Nick felt as though he wanted to be more connected to and work for the LGBT community and when a position at Damien Center opened, he jumped at the opportunity. As an FTM trans man he brings a wealth of experience to the team. His passion for working with endangered populations comes from his upbringing and experiences as a youth.

Married in 2016, Nick spends most of his spare time with his spouse and way too much time playing video games. A believer in “Ink Therapy”, the power of music, and the pure love of animals/pets, Nick will talk for far too long about all of these things.