Tyne Parlett

Director of Community Impact

A Fort Wayne native, Tyne Parlett has been living in the Indy area for over a decade. Tyne has studied at IU and will graduate from IUPUI with a degree in Philosophy. Tyne began their education as a Fine Arts major and still enjoys art in all forms. Most of Tyne’s career concentration has been centered on Human Services and adults with disabilities. As the eldest child to a younger brother with Autism, this was a focus that became near and dear to Tyne at an early age.

Tyne has worked with the disabled population for over a decade and much of their background has been with those with advanced medical or psychiatric needs. During Tyne’s career in Human Services, Tyne was a certified trainer in CPR/First Aid, Universal Precautions, and the MANDT System (a program developed to increase meaningful relationships with clients as well as assist with conflict resolution and crisis prevention). Tyne’s career with Benchmark Human Services is where their love of case management and leadership thrived, making it possible to take these skills into the HIV and Housing sectors today.

Tyne’s humanitarian mission throughout work and volunteerism has always been to support with compassion and understanding. Their time spent in Indy as a volunteer has focused primarily on the Trans community. Tyne remains active on the planning and organizational committees for Trans Pride, TDOR (Trans Day of Remembrance), and various social media communities assisting our Indianapolis area. Most recently, Tyne was awarded the Indy Pride Volunteer of 2018 award for their efforts with Trans Glam.

In their spare time, you can catch Tyne at most of the local LGBTQ+ events spreading love and resources to those in need. Tyne also enjoys live music, painting, hiking, kayaking, and copious amounts of coffee and quality time with their family.