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340B Financial Analyst

Full Time | Finance | New Position

The 340B Analyst provides direct assistance to the 340B Program Manager. The Analyst's main role is to oversee compliance and data-related 340B tasks, focusing on auditing across the program. This position acts as the main contact for any data-related operations, troubleshooting errors and communicating those to the Program Manager. The 340B Analyst maintains exceptional knowledge of all data systems, tracks financial and claims data, and continuously reviews all systems for any irregularities or non-compliance. The Analyst investigates instances of non-compliance and reports findings to the Program Manager. This position also assists with other operations, providing reports to all stakeholders as needed, coordinating 340B Internal Committee meetings, and coordinating demonstrations with potential 340B partners. As a member of the finance team, the analyst may also complete other various financial tasks, as assigned.

Care Coordination Program Manager

Full Time | Support Services

The Care Coordination Program Manager provides direct supervision to the Care Coordination team. This position monitors implementation of the IDOH HIV NMCM Program and ensures completion of all program requirements, while monitoring and evaluating fidelity to and effectiveness of the ICT process. The care Coordination Program Manager ensures productivity and deliverable requirements. The ICPM completes quarterly productivity and practice evaluations. This position completes monthly and quarterly engagement reports.

Employment Specialist

Full Time | Support Services

The Employment Specialist will oversee all employment programming including workshops and employment classes. This position will create assess the program and create new classes/workshops as necessary. The Employment Specialist will be the liaison between Damien Center and outside organizations to continue to create employment opportunities for employment program clients. The Employment Specialist will oversee outcomes and work alongside clients to help overcome employment barriers. This position will demonstrate a strong attention to detail with the ability to work with management, staff, vendors, and clients to accomplish the strategic goals of Damien Center

Family Support Specialist

Full Time | Support Services | New Position

The Family Support Specialist assists in developing and maintaining youth and family services provided to Damien Center clients and families. This position oversees life skill classes, parenting classes, and works closely with the Client and Family Enrichment Manager to develop new opportunities for clients and families. The Family Support Specialist will demonstrate a strong attention to detail with the ability to work with Client and Family Enrichment Manager, staff, and clients to accomplish the strategic goals of the Damien Center.

HIV/AIDS Care Coordinator

Full Time | Supportive Services

In cooperation with HIV positive clients, will provide one on one case management services to a caseload of no fewer than 40 people living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV Prevention Specialist

Full Time | Outreach and Prevention

The HIV Prevention Specialist is part of the Prevention Team with the primary goal of HIV prevention and PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) adoption among high-risk populations, focusing on African American and Latino men who have sex with men. This position will plan and coordinate trainings about HIV/AIDS, PrEP adoption, harm reduction, best practices in prevention, and effective risk-reduction messaging. The program's goal is to provide sexual health and harm reduction education to communities at high risk of HIV infection. This position will target those affected by substance use, educating them about the availability of prevention services at Damien Center, including HIV/STI testing, and connecting individuals with PrEP services, Peer Recovery coaching, as well as the appropriate counseling services in-house or via referral. The HIV Prevention Specialist will also identify outreach opportunities to promote clinical services to HIV+ individuals who are not currently in care as well as engage individuals with immediate need for Post-exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).

Housing Case Manager

Full Time | Housing

The Housing Case Manager provides supports and assistance to HIV+ and high-risk negative community members experiencing housing instability. The position works with internal collaborative teams as well as care teams externally at other HIV care sites. Housing Case Management includes intake, assessment, case management, goal setting, financial support, and ADL skill building to a caseload of eligible housing recipients. The position requires strong communication skills, conflict resolution, knowledge of grant monitoring and budgeting, as well as person-centered care.

Medical Case Manager Program Manager

Full Time | Support Services

The Medical Case Manager Program Manager monitors and evaluates the fidelity to and effectiveness of the Individual Care Team process. This position ensures productivity and deliverable requirements and standards. The MCM PM completes quarterly productivity and practice evaluations while also completing monthly and quarterly engagement reports.


Full Time | Clinic

Team Damien is currently seeking a Nurse to join our team. The Nurse will be responsible for creating an environment of patient-focused care, defining standards for quality care and leading, and training new and existing staff. This position will report to the Clinical Director and assist in administrative and clinical supervision.

Referral Specialist

Full Time | Clinic

The Referral Specialist ensures that patients are effectively assessed and referred to specialty office referral visits. This position resolves pre-certification, registration, and patient concerns prior to patient visit. The Referral Specialist documents pertinent information from insurance carriers, financial representatives, and other relevant parties to assure patient financial obligations are met for services provided. This position collects and documents all referral prescriptions to assure 340B income is collected and ensures that the administrative functions related to referrals are completed effectively.

Youth Services Team Lead

Full Time | Housing

Youth Services Team Lead provides direct supervision to the youth housing/services department while maintaining a small case load of young adults. Youth Services at Damien Center provide programming and supports to HIV+ and high-risk negative youth and young adults under the age of 24. The Team Lead position requires age-appropriate program development with a strong emphasis on youth lead initiatives. The creation, implementation and growth of intentional and transformational youth services which interrupt disparities are a responsibility of this position. This position works collaboratively within the organization as well as with the greater youth and young adult community.

Care Coordinator (GenderNexus)

Part-Time | Support Services

Care Coordinators at GenderNexus serve as direct care practitioners within the organization; connecting clients to resources, developing and maintaining client treatment plans, and providing Solutions Focused therapy. Care Coordinators also serve as interdisciplinary case managers.

*This position is located at GenderNexus.

Our Culture

At Damien Center, we work to empower individuals in Central Indiana affected by HIV/AIDS to move forward each day with dignity and to lead the effort to prevent the spread of HIV. Our vision—for Central Indiana to be free of the suffering caused by HIV/AIDS—drives us to provide a safe and welcoming place so that no barriers separate people from the services they need to prolong and enhance their lives. Damien Center stands as One Home for HIV Wellness.

Dignity, respect, integrity, equity, quality, and diversity are the pillars behind our unique organizational culture. When you walk into the Damien Center, these core values take center stage through the work of our team and our approach to HIV care and prevention.

Team Benefits

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, welcoming environment for all.

Our awesome team environment and culture encourages participation on internal initiatives such as the Fun Rangers, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, the Green Team and the Health & Safety Committee.

We celebrate team member birthdays, provide free lunch on Fridays, have monthly all team meetings, encourage participation in community events, and engage in team activities each month. We reward our team members with shortened Fridays to get a head start on the weekend!

We believe in recognizing the hard work of our employees. Will you be the next Team Member of the Month or Team Member of the Year? Join our team to find out!

  • Five Weeks of PTO
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Retirement Benefits
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