Founded in 1987, Damien Center is Indiana’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization and serves more than 8,000 individuals living with or at risk for HIV through a comprehensive, innovative approach to HIV care and prevention.

As the largest HIV/AIDS service organization in the state of Indiana, we provide services to more than 25% of all individuals living with HIV in the state. By making our wide variety of programs and services available in-house, we utilize a one-stop shop approach to caring for those affected by HIV and preventing its spread. We work to reduce the amount of HIV and increase the amount of healthy, immune-boosting cells in our patients’ bodies, improving the health of clients and our community.

Located in downtown Indianapolis in the Holy Cross neighborhood, Damien Center is easy to access and offers care and services for anyone infected or affected by HIV.

Our Location

26 North Arsenal Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201

What is our purpose?

Our Mission

The Damien Center’s mission is to be a trusted partner in providing services, education, and advocacy for all people living with or at risk for HIV and any person seeking a safe and welcoming home for care.

What we seek to build

Our Vision

Every person in Indiana has equitable access to client-centered care, ending the HIV epidemic and ensuring all people can thrive and live with dignity.

What we seek to accomplish

Our Strategic Intent

We will boldly, proactively, and persistently respond to the changes in the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Central Indiana. We will build on our strengths and become even more person-centered in our services and the way they are delivered by growing closer to those affected by the disease and by connecting community solutions so that no person in Central Indiana impacted by HIV/AIDS lacks the care they need to live a longer, healthier, more productive life. With the same innovative and proactive person-centered approach, we will lead the community in the effort to prevent the spread of HIV.

Damien Center Strategic Plan 2022-2027

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