Our employment services program empowers clients to access the resources necessary to gain steady employment.

Employment Services

With the launch of this program, clients will feel empowered to access the resources they need to gain steady employment. This program consists of workshops, referrals to employment opportunities, open computer time for job searching (coming soon), assistance with applications, and more.

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Each month, we'll hold workshops to empower clients by giving them the tools to succeed in the workforce. To view upcoming workshops and to sign-up, simply click the topic you are interested in!

Job Referrals

Damien Center’s Employment Services Program will be providing direct referrals to job opportunities for our clients. With this opportunity, we hope to eliminate barriers that clients see when seeking out employment. Positions will vary but will be updated regularly.

Coming Soon

We want to empower our clients to feel professional and confident when they walk into an interview, so coming up, we will be providing direct referrals to Dress for Success. Both are non-profit organizations that provide people with free professional attire and workshops.

The Damien Center Employment Services Program is proudly sponsored by GEICO.

Resume & Cover Letters

Clients will learn how to create a resume and cover letter. Through this workshop, clients will be given access to resume and cover letter examples, tips on formatting, and more.

Introduction to LinkedIn

Clients will learn how to navigate the basics of LinkedIn, a professional networking site. In this workshop, clients will be able to set up their profile (essentially an online resume), learn how to network, and build their online professional presence.

Interview Do's and Don'ts/Mock Interviews

Clients will learn tips and tricks to feeling successful in a job interview. They will then be able to demonstrate their knowledge by performing mock interviews with their peers and out volunteers. In addition, clients will be given resources for professional interview attire.

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