Becoming Leaders Through Action

Positive Youth Action is a new Leadership Development and Grant program developed at Damien Center to engage HIV-positive and at-risk youth and young adults, ages 16-24, in HIV Care, Prevention, and Advocacy that recognizes the need for Youth and Young Adult voices at the decision-making table. With HIV affecting young people at a rising rate, accounting for 55 of the 271 new HIV infections in the Indianapolis area in 2019, +YA seeks to interrupt the status-quo and paint a new picture of the future for young people, by young people. All while remembering that you can’t help others if you don’t take care of yourself, first.

Once accepted, the cohort will meet once each week, either in-person or online. Each participant will engage in their whole-self wellness regarding HIV care or prevention, learn valuable leadership and advocacy skills, and learn applicable skills like grant-writing, facilitation and networking.

There will also be opportunities for the Cohort to engage in learning off-site, including travel to conferences and events. You’ll be put into rooms where big things happen, and we’ll make sure that people who make decisions know your name. Expect to leave with a new community of friends and colleagues as well as professional work training and references – interested graduates of the program can even apply for a paid position as a Peer Mentor at Damien Center!

The Fall 2023 Cohort applications are currently open on a rolling basis.

Fall 2023 Cohort Applications

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