We are Committed to Supplier Diversity

Damien Center believes in supporting diverse businesses within our community and we are committed to continually soliciting bids and working with diverse suppliers for all our organizational needs.

We proactively seek out opportunities to collaborate or do business with diverse supplies, giving them a seat at the table every time we evaluate suppliers for each division of our organization.

Diverse Supplier Qualifications

When it comes to selected vendors, we consider suppliers diverse if they meet the following qualifications:

  • Minority-owned business (MBE)
  • Women-owned business (WBE)
  • Disability-owned business (DOBE)
  • US Veteran-owned business (VBE)
  • LGBTQ+ owned business (LGBTBE)

To qualify as one of these business types, the business must be 51% owned, operated, managed, and controlled by an individual or individuals who represent one of these groups.

Vendors who have been certified by federal, local, state, or third-party certification organizations are strongly considered.