Damien Pharmacy is a new initiative that aims to reduce barriers to accessing key medications for our community.

About Us

Damien Pharmacy

Damien Pharmacy is a new initiative at the center to reduce barriers to accessing medication for clients as we stand as One Home for HIV Wellness. Damien Pharmacy builds upon the Damien Center's one-stop approach to HIV care and prevention.

Our innovative one-stop-shop approach has brought vital services under one roof for our clients. Our goal is to empower our clients by breaking down barriers to accessing quality care and providing the necessary tools for our community to thrive. We are excited to announce that on March 1, 2021, the Damien Center officially opened it’s own pharmacy – Damien Pharmacy. Now, all Damien Center clients and Damien Cares patients can access the pharmacy for all their prescriptions – and all under one roof.

Offering our clients equitable, quality care is at the heart of our decision to open Damien Pharmacy. Your health and wellness are our highest priority. We hope that by using Damien Pharmacy, you are empowered to put your best foot forward.

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Accessing the Pharmacy

Having our own pharmacy allows us to keep prescription costs low, reduce barriers for accessing life-saving medications, provide additional benefits to our clients, and expand services to our community.

Benefits to YOU:

  • Some over-the-counter medications can be provided FREE
  • Prescriptions can be filled online and through the app, RX LOCAL
  • Prescriptions can be delivered right to your door
  • Low out of pocket cost for medications that aren’t covered by insurance
  • Copay assistance is available for those who qualify
  • We accept most major insurance plans including HIP and Marketplace options

Please contact your Case Manager, Provider or call 317-981-1989 for information on how you can access the pharmacy.

Why should I use Damien Pharmacy?

By filling your prescriptions at Damien Pharmacy, we are able to keep costs lower than our competitors, provide additional benefits for our clients, and offer additional services to our community!

What is offered at the pharmacy?

By filling with Damien Pharmacy, you’ll be able to:

  • Have prescriptions delivered to your door
  • Access free over-the-counter medications
  • Low cash prices for non-covered medications
  • Access copay assistance for those who qualify
How do I access Damien Pharmacy?

Speak with your Case Manager or your Provider for additional information on accessing Damien Center’s on-site pharmacy!

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Contact Our Team

Have questions for our Pharmacy team? Fill out the form or give us a call to reach Damien Pharmacy! 

Damien Pharmacy
26 N. Arsenal Ave. Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46201

Email us: [email protected]

p. 317 981 1989
f. 317 981 1990