Damien Pharmacy is your one pharmacy for HIV wellness, prevention, and overall healthcare.

About Us

Damien Pharmacy

Damien Pharmacy is a full-service retail pharmacy serving those living with HIV and those at risk for HIV regardless of where they receive their medical care as well as primary care patients of Damien Center clinic. We seek to reduce barriers to accessing your medication. The pharmacy team provides comprehensive, patient-centered care helping you to thrive. Our expert pharmacists are available to meet your medication needs from HIV care, HIV prevention and all medical services offered at Damien Center. The team will work closely with your providers to ensure that your medication needs are met. Damien Pharmacy also offers many other services for your convenience.

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Accessing the Pharmacy

If you are already a patient of Damien Center clinic, then you are automatically a patient of Damien Pharmacy. To have prescriptions that you may have at another pharmacy transferred to us, call the pharmacy at 317-981-1989. If you are not a client of Damien Center clinic, just contact the pharmacy to become a customer.

Benefits to YOU:

  • Qualifying over-the-counter medications provided FREE for clients of Damien Center clinic
  • Prescriptions can be filled online and through the app, RX LOCAL. Text RXLOCAL to 64890 to download.
  • Prescriptions can be delivered right to your door.
  • Low out of pocket cost for medications that aren’t covered by insurance
  • Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.
  • We accept most major insurance plans including Healthy Indiana Plans (HIP) and Marketplace options.

Why should I use Damien Pharmacy?

By filling your prescriptions at Damien Pharmacy, you are supporting the mission and vision of the Damien Center. All funds earned through the pharmacy provide additional benefits for our clients, and offer additional services to our community!

What is offered at the pharmacy?

Damien Pharmacy is a full-service retail pharmacy. We carry all prescription medications to meet your healthcare needs.

How do I access Damien Pharmacy?

Speak with your Case Manager or your Provider for additional information on accessing Damien Center’s on-site pharmacy!

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Contact Our Team

Have questions for our Pharmacy team? Fill out the form or give us a call to reach Damien Pharmacy! 

Damien Pharmacy
26 N. Arsenal Ave. Suite B
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Email us: [email protected]

p. 317 981 1989
f. 317 981 1990