Medical Records

If you want a copy of your own medical records:

  • You have immediate access to a condensed version of your medical records via your Patient Portal, please login to view and download a copy.

Please fill out the Release of Information form if:

  • I want my previous provider to send my medical records to Damien Center
  • I want DC to give my medical records to another provider, attorney, or other group.

Please note: If you wish to obtain HIV or Mental Health records, you MUST have specialty authorization(s) checkbox(es) market1.

All requests can also be sent to our secure fax line: 317-423-0608


If you have any questions about medical records requests, please reach out to our Medical Records Department:

Phone: 317-632-0123 x500
[email protected]

How long will my medical records request take to process?

Please allow up to 5-7 business days to process requests2. Document verification may delay the process of requests3.

What is the cost for paper copies of my medical records?

Currently, there are no charges for obtaining your medical records.4

What if I find an error documented in my medical record?

If you find an error in your medical record, you may request that a correction may be facilitated using the Amendment Request Form in our Patient Forms app. Once completed, your request will be sent to our team for review. There are two possible outcomes.5

How do I update my legal name and/or gender marker in my medical records?

Please complete the Amendment Request Form

Where can my previous medical records be uploaded or sent?
  • Email - [email protected]. NOTE: To protect your health information, please use an encrypted email.
  • Fax - 317.423.0608
  • Mail - 26 N Arsenal Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46201 (Send via USPS or Courier Service)
Where can I learn more about the Indiana Health Information Exchange?
What are my options of transmission for my documents requested?
  • Secure Email6
  • Courier or USPS7
  • Pick-up at Damien Center8