By bringing both medical and case management services in-house, we've established One Home for HIV Wellness so that our patients can easily access the services they need.

Care Coordination

Our Care Coordinators assist clients with:

  • Health insurance options
  • Referrals
  • Direct Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Food pantry access

The primary goal of Care Coordination is to create a client driven environment. Care Coordinators and clients work together to determine barriers to care and identify referrals necessary to help clients reach and maintain viral suppression. Clients are typically seen at Damien Center, however appointments outside the center can be accommodated.

We serve more than 900 HIV+ patients each year of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. Our Care Coordinators have diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in community-based work, including infectious disease. We work with youth and adults, and are well-equipped to accommodate issues including substance abuse, mental health, cultural barriers, and much more. Our bilingual Care Coordinator can serve those who speak Spanish, and interpreters for other languages can be requested, including ASL.

Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management (MCM) at Damien Center helps patients navigate their medical needs, from setting up appointments with our Clinic to adhering to HIV medications. Our Medical Case Managers are a direct support line for patients’ medical needs.

The Medical Case Management team at Damien Center works in partnership with each patient to understand and develop a plan to manage their HIV medical needs, focusing on both specific medical needs and the overall physical well-being of the patient. Our highly trained and experienced staff members provide complete assessment and evaluation of physical health, mental health, substance use issues, dental health, optical health, and nutritional needs. We facilitate access to medication and prescription assistance as well as provide education and support for medication adherence to keep one's HIV suppressed.

Our MCM staff works directly with patients to develop mutually agreed upon goals to keep patients healthy, integrating education on how HIV affects the body and how medication affects HIV. Our Medical Case Managers provide direct access to our Clinic. Clinic patients receive full medical services, including primary HIV care and access to other medical resources. Our Medical Case Management team, clinic staff, and patients become a close team working together to achieve optimal health and wellness.