The goal of the Connect to Cure program is to eliminate Hepatitis C infections in Indiana through education and linking those with living with Hepatitis C to resources and care needed to cure them of the infection.

There have been Hepatitis C Care Coordinators placed directly into your community to offer those living with Hepatitis C local resources to get tested, start treatment, and have peer support throughout the process.

We understand that people living with Hepatitis C come from a variety of backgrounds and our goal is to provide a holistic health approach including case management, treatment, testing, and insurance enrollment services to every part of Indiana.

Questions? Feel free to reach out and one of our experienced Case Managers will be available to assist.

This program uses the principals of the Zero is Possible Indiana Plan: A Plan to End the HIV and Hepatitis C Epidemics in Indiana. The ZIP-IN Plan represents a collaborative effort between traditional healthcare providers, AIDS service organizations, non-traditional partners, and people with lived expertise to end the HIV and HCV epidemics.

What is Hep C

Chronic (long lasting) Hepatitis C (HCV) is a viral infection that overworks your liver and over time causes liver damage. You may have hepatitis C and not know because most people don’t show any symptoms.

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Who is at risk?

Hepatitis C is spread through blood-to-blood contact. Risk factors include:

  • Baby Boomers
  • Anyone who has been incarcerated
  • Receiving a tattoo or piercing through unsterilized equipment.
  • Sharing personal items such as toothbrushes, fingernail clippers, and razors
  • Having sexual contact with a person living with hepatitis
Why it matters?

From 2013-2019 Indiana was number one in the nation for newly reported hepatitis C infections. In 2020 Indiana was still number 5 in the nation for new hepatitis C infections.

BIPOC individuals discover they are living with hepatitis C 14 years later than White individuals in Indiana.

There is currently no vaccine for hepatitis C.

How do I get tested?

All people should be tested!

Half of people living with hepatitis C do not know.

Walk-ins are welcome!
Or schedule your test below.

Link for testers at the Damien center

To schedule a test at our satellite location at CAFE, near 38th and Post Road, click here.


What treatments are available?
  • Antiviral medicines can cure more than 95% of persons living with hepatitis C!
  • Treatment consists of One Pill a Day for at least 8 weeks

We treat anyone, regardless of whether they are still using or coinfected with HIV and can assist you with health insurance navigation, nutrition, and transportation to ensure they are supported during their treatment.

How can Damien Center help me?

Assistance with health insurance, scheduling appointments, transportation, food assistance, among other needs.