Anjeline Arriaga

Integrative Care Case Manager

From Northern Indiana, Anjeline is a dedicated Integrative Care Case Manager focused on providing
supportive services to people living with HIV. She is a graduate from Indiana University and has been in the Indianapolis area since 2022. Anjeline has a special focus on positive trans women of color, who are disproportionately affected by high transmission rates and negative social stigma.

Prior to her current role, she honed her skills as a Program Specialist Assistant and Program Manager
for local community centers, where she developed a passion for supporting families affected by economic
changes and connecting underrepresented populations with much-needed resources for stability. Anjeline
remains committed to her mission by serving as a resource provider for her clients, linking them with
locally-led organizations and programs dedicated to skill building, financial assistance, and educational
development. Drawing from her own experiences as a queer Mexican-American, she brings a unique
perspective to her work with LGBTQ+ people of color.

Outside of work, Anjeline is a lover of local drag and a science fiction fanatic. Her home hobbies include
drawing, cooking, and caring for her ball of moss and an elderly cat.