Catherine Merski

Senior Compliance Manager

Catherine Merski is our Ryan White Grant Manager. In her role, she manages all aspects of our Ryan White grant, including finances and Compliance, tracking and maintaining budget and spend down, billing, reporting, and monitoring requirement compliance.

Catherine has 10+ years of leadership training, staff management, and financial management in the for-profit sector under her belt. She’s worked in many multi-faceted, fast-paced environments where swift and sound decision-making was a high priority.

Because of this, Catherine developed a skill set in client-facing and vendor-facing relationships. She’s organized, results-driven, and works to optimize the agency’s utilization of resources – her years of developing efficient processes and training programs, experience with budget allocation, product development, and streamlining service offerings doesn’t hurt either.

Catherine came to Damien because of her desire to give back to the community in a place whose goals and values aligned with her personal goals and values. She’s currently attending graduate school for clinical psychology in order to obtain LMHC.