Josiah Harrison-Benjamin

Case Management Team Lead

Josiah Harrison-Benjamin originates from Danbury, Connecticut. As a first-generation American, Josiah has developed a unique perspective that guides his values and is a key factor in the establishment of many of the diverse skills that drive him professionally.

Prior to his relocation to Indianapolis, Josiah completed a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Maine in Psychology and Philosophy. While at U-Maine, Josiah focused on stress indicators in stigmatized populations as well as writing a thesis on ‘stereotype threat’ and ‘stigma consciousness.’

Following his graduation, Josiah began working with young adults within the Job Corp program. His main tasks were: coordinating advanced vocational training, concurrent training, and post-secondary educational opportunities. Eventually, Josiah moved back to Connecticut to serve his home community. He began working in an alternative to incarceration program and supportive housing rapid re-housing program. Working primarily with young adults in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a struggling city along the “gold coast” in Connecticut.

Josiah’s passion for serving others comes from his mother, a nurse, that served dementia patients for over 35 years in a long-term care facility. Josiah’s mother taught him those needing the most care are the ones rejected by society.

In his spare time, you can find Josiah playing video games, watching Star Trek, or exploring what amazing things Indiana has to offer! Josiah’s current idols are Sir. Patrick Stewart, Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa), and Neil deGrasse-Tyson.