Joty Allison

Director of Major Gifts

Joty joined Damien Center in 2024 with a wealth of experiences steering regionalized sales and development with industry leading tech companies such as Apple, and most recently, Tesla managing key markets in the Northeast and Midwest regions. He provides leadership in the organization’s efforts to engage with individual donors by building, developing, and maintaining strong relationships that keep our donors involved and connected to Damien Center.

Joty has worked with faith communities to help them evolve their theological understanding around why embracing LGBTQIA+ inclusive and affirming practices is pivotal for the life of their community. As an enthusiastic writer, he authored his first book in 2015 and has since written articles for the Huffington Post and The Odyssey. His writings have been BIPOC and LGBTQ+ centered to glean from the past and boldly move towards a brighter future.

Joty is a proud HBCU graduate of his beloved alma mater, Morehouse College. While at Morehouse College he was given the opportunity to work for the 2012 Presidential Campaign working with donors and voters in Georgia and in Ohio.

In his leisure moments, he cherishes spending time with his husband and indulging in leisurely bike rides along the Monon Trail. With a penchant for Electric Vehicles, he enjoys discussing them fervently and finds joy in capturing breathtaking images with his drone during his globetrotting adventures.