Tea Shepard

Elder Housing Case Manager

Tea Shepard is one of our Elder Housing Case Managers here at the Damien Center. They work extremely hard to find safe housing – that complies with the often-overblown fair market rent prices – for their clients. In their work, they need compassion, determination, and out-of-the-box thinking in order to get the best outcomes for their clients. They love what they do, and the beautiful, intelligent, and creative people they interact with every day are the icing on the cake.

Before coming to Damien, Tea worked at a domestic violence and sexual assault center – however, the jobs that most prepared them for their current position were their serving and bartending jobs. People skills are essential in customer service, and so too in social work.

Outside of work, Tea reads to their heart’s content, creates art that they claim is “awful half the time”, and spends time smiling and laughing with their friends and partner.