Vincent Valdez

TeleHealth PrEP Navigator

After working in corporate life for just about 10 years, Vincent decided it was time to stop “meeting the quotas” and join our team at Damien Center where he felt he could make some genuine change in people’s lives. Vincent comes to the center with a background of Customer Service Management and Data Entry. He grew up in a small town in California where he spent most of his life, until he decided to make the drastic change to move here to Indiana on a whim - in his opinion the move was the best thing to have happen to him.

Outside of the Damien Center, Vincent is a writer. He loves to write stories, poems, music, just about anything that requires composing. Not only that but in his free time he loves to watch anime and cartoons, and plays video games - his favorite cartoon of all time is Steven Universe and his favorite game is just about any main series Pokémon game he can get his hands on.

Overall, Vincent is a very determined and self-propitiating individual who will continually put forward his best efforts into any goal he sets his mind to.

“If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs.” - Greg Universe