25 Stories: Paying it forward for the holidays


December 18, 2013



The holidays are upon us. We're celebrating, decorating, spending time with friends and family, and reflecting on why we celebrate in the first place. We're also shopping for gifts like crazy, milking these very last few days before Christmas to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones (or maybe just those we're obligated to get gifts for). Paul Pickett understands. As a giver of gifts to more than 70 people, this Damien Center board member knows that gift-giving can be as stressful as it is fun. But this year? Paul's got a better idea. Read his story below to find out what he's giving this holiday season and, more importantly, why.

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the hunt for great presents. From my 18-month-old godson to an 80-year-old friend, my list is varied and long, so finding the perfect gift for everyone isn't always easy.

This holiday season, I made a decision to pay it forward. I wanted a more powerful way to let my friends and family know how much I appreciate, care for, and love them. So this year, anyone over 16 on my list will have a donation made in their name to The Damien Center.

Instead of giving another pretty vase or antique letter opener, I'm giving the gift of support, care, and needed services for those living with HIV and helping educate the public on how we can prevent the spread of HIV in our community.

The Damien Center is near and dear to my heart. For 25 years, the Center has cared for those living with HIV and led the fight to prevent the spread of HIV. This year, I encourage you to give a gift from the heart and one that keeps on giving. Give a donation to The Damien Center and know that your gift supports real people in need, like many of the stories you've been reading throughout the year.

Inspired to give your loved ones a life-saving gift this holiday season? Make a 25th anniversary gift of $250 or more today and become a member of our one-time only Quarter Century Club, a special giving society to honor those we've served over the past 25 years.

Bonus: When you give a gift in a loved one's honor this holiday season, we'll even send them a card letting them know a gift was made in their name. Give a special gift today!