A Most Mask-tastic Affair


October 05, 2012



Sure, the Grande Masquerade has always been a masquerade ball. And sure, we all dress to impress every year. But this year, this year it’s all about the masks. Are you a DIY-er? Big spender? King or queen of the outrageous? Classic and simple? Never fear, Grande Masqueraders, we are here to answer all your mask-related questions, give you hundreds of mask ideas (Literally. We got a little excited about it.), and turn mask-hunting/creating/imagining into your newest favorite pastime.

So where do you start? That depends. Are you matching your mask to your outfit or your outfit to your mask? Big life questions here. In either case, we’ve got some ideas for where and how to procure a mask for this, the grandest of Grande Masquerades.

DIY to the ma(x)sk

Do you have a glue gun, feathers, lace, paper, glitter, puffy paint, fabric, or any combination of these and other craft supplies? Then you, my friend, are on your way DIY mask-making. Since crafting can be a little intimidating for the less crafty types, we got on Pinterest and put together a Mask-spiration board with dozens of tutorials, blogs, and fancy pants masks. We also turned to our gal Martha Stewart, the queen of crafts, for a few additional ideas. Whether you’re planning on pinning a few feathers to a fabric mask cutout (sure to look more fabulous than the five minutes it will take you) or want to layer lace and glitter and crystals and paint and crepe paper and ornate who-knows-whats, DIY masks can be a fun project for a rainy Friday afternoon (hint hint).

Swipe that card

Not inspired to DIY? That’s okay—we also pinned almost a hundred of the most amazing masks we could find on the interwebs. If you are a human being, we’ve probably pinned something you’ll like. Seriously, there’s a mask for every taste: ornate Venetian, Mardi Gras-style, classic and timeless, animal-inspired, masculine, feminine, devilish, steampunk, British-glam, woodland-themed, feisty, plastic, leather, moss (Yes, we found a mask made from moss. Thank you, Etsy.), one-eyed, two-eyed, no-eyed, full faced, colorful, metallic, and even hilarious (Angry Birds, anyone?). Etsy, the vintage and handmade mecca of the Internet, and Amazon, also a mecca though we’re not sure of what, both feature more mask options than you could imagine and are great resources if you prefer to buy your mask. Prices range from the cost of a latte at Starbucks to a tropical vacay. Want to go local or try it on first? Check out Margie’s Costumes at 38th and Illinois, any of the Party City stores around the city, or those Halloween pop-up stores that set up shop this time of year. And lastly, to take the worry entirely out of your mask selection, let us do the work. When you buy a Grande Masquerade ticket, just check the box to add a mask to your order and we’ll have it ready for you at the event.

Bring out your inner artiste

Okay, okay, so you’re not inspired by Martha, Etsy, or Amazon? We have one more fantastic suggestion for the mask-phobic: paint that mask right on your pretty little face. Check out our Pinterest board (one last time) for some beautiful facepaint/makeup mask ideas. Even something as simple as glitter and black eyeliner can create a mask-like effect. More elaborate masks may require a professional makeup artist or partner in crime to assist with application. You can find costume makeup for sale at any Halloween or costume store, or just get creative with all those M.A.C. colors you bought but never wear. Yeah, we know, they were in in 1995…

We’re here for you and your mask

Still need a listening ear to work through some mask ideas? We’ve got your back. Or face. Whatever. Your friendly blogess is just an email away: [email protected]. And don’t forget, Grande Masquerade ticket prices go up $25 in just a few short hours (at 5pm!), so snag those tickets online riiiiight now. See you on the 20th!