Costume Ideas: Straight from Mad Men


September 29, 2011



Welcome to the Costume Ideas blog series! This series is intended to inspire your inner fashion designer so you can look like you stepped out of the 1950/60s when you walk into Mad Masquerade.

This week, we're taking a look at AMC Mad Men's Season 4 Fashion Gallery! The gallery showcases many fantastic outfits, but these are our top three.

1. Joan's "Wave" Dress: We love it! Much like Janie Bryant, costume designer for Mad Men, we're attracted to the ruffles at the collar and sleeve. We also love the high contrast between the darker blue and the white, creating a cleaner look. Accessories weren't emphasized in the 60s, and she does a very good job of keeping using the gold accents to enhance her look without dominating it.

2. Stan Rizzo's Suit: Even though it wasn't particularly characteristic of the early 60s, Stan did a pretty good job of being trendy with this green plaid suit. "He's one of our more modern characters who takes a casual approach to being at work," says Bryant. The late sixties was a movement away from the fifties - so while the gray flannel suit is the standard, Stan shows us that we're able to be more creative!

3. Faye Miller's Black and White: Her look is eye catching with the bold black and white print; her bold lipstick only helps to emphasize the overall look's strength. Her gray skirt is houndstooth, shown below and to the left.

For more ideas straight from Mad Men, please visit their Season 4 Fashion Gallery! (Of course, we own none of these images; they were taken directly out of the Season 4 Fashion Gallery. Many thanks to Janie Bryan for her inspirational vintage fashion!)