Dining Out for Life Volunteer Spotlight - Jeff K.


April 25, 2011



Our Dining Out for Life volunteer spotlight is Jeff K! Not only is he energetic and willing to donate time to our testing desk every other week, but he also went through a scheduled Ambassador training, he has been promoting Dining Out for Life at his workplace, and he went out to recruit restaurants for us!

Here's a look at Jeff:

Have you ever held a volunteer position before?

I have volunteered as a Big Brother, and coached Babe Ruth and Bambino baseball. I also serve in the National Guard.

What sparked your interest in volunteering with The Damien Center? How do you hope to serve the community and our clients here at The Damien Center?

I have always believed one should give back to your community. It strengthens the community as well as your citizenship. I hope to apply the "Hoosier Values" of hard work, honesty, and common sense to every endeavor assigned.

What has been your most memorable moment while volunteering at The Damien Center?

It is whenever I get a look of satisfaction from a client when helping them to resolve an issue.

What are some attributes that you feel you contribute to The Damien Center and your assigned position?

I try to have fun, remain positive, stay enthusiastic, and espouse the belief to all who will listen that with each new day comes a new beginning.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love sports, apple pie, working/playing outdoors, and listening to live music.