Monthly Client Update

February 2021


February 25, 2021



Each month, our team will publish monthly updates here on to highlight upcoming services and things of note for Damien Center clients.

New Support Groups Launching in 2021

Starting on April 13th, Damien will start offering a Transgender and Non-Binary Support Group. The group will meet every other Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. It is an open support group for Trans and Non-Binary individuals. The group will be co-led by two group facilitators, Erica Cox and Cosmo Xavier, and will create a safe space for trans and non-binary folks to come receive encouragement and talk about real life situations to increase resilience and strengths. The group is created to help reduce isolation and create a sense of belonging. The group also hopes to address barriers and help with the navigation of life as a trans or non-binary person. Clients who are interested in joining the group can sign up at the front desk with the receptionist or send an e-mail of interest to Erica or Cosmo.

Along with the Trans and Non-Binary Support group, we will be launching a Damien’s Women Support Group in May. The Women’s Support Group will be a space where women who engaged in the Damien Center can come to talk about everyday struggles and have a safe space to open up about what is happening in their lives. The group is intended to help reduce the stress of the world while also offering a community for women. The group will meet bi-monthly to start out with, but the dates, days, and times are still to be determined. If you are interested in getting updates about the Women’s Support Group, please send an e-mail to Annie Nelson.

To learn about all of our support groups, please click here.

We Need Your Voice - Join the Client Advisory Board

The Client Advisory Board will start meeting regularly on the last fourth Thursday of every month at 3:00 PM. For the time being, Client Advisory Board will be meeting virtually on Zoom. The board meetings are open to clients of the Damien Center (a client is any person who is accessing or has ever accessed a direct service of the Damien Center). The meetings will be a place to discuss current policies and services in place at Damien Center as well as bring up concerns or ideas to help create a safe space for all Damien clients. Participants in the CAB will receive a gift card! If you are interested in being a part of the Client Advisory Board, please reach out to Annie ([email protected]) or Marco ([email protected]).

Damien Pharmacy - Coming in March 2021

For over three decades, Damien Center has stood as One Home for HIV Wellness in our community. Our innovative one-stop-shop approach has brought vital services under one roof for our clients. Our goal is to empower our clients by breaking down barriers to accessing quality care and providing the necessary tools for our community to thrive. We are so excited to announce that on March 1, 2021, the Damien Center officially opened it’s own pharmacy – Damien Pharmacy. Now, all Damien Center clients and Damien Cares patients can access the pharmacy for all their prescriptions – and all under one roof.

Having our own pharmacy allows us to keep prescription costs low, reduce barriers for accessing life-saving medications, provide additional benefits to our clients, and expand services to our community.

Benefits to YOU:

  • Some over-the-counter medications can be provided FREE
  • Prescriptions can be filled online and through the app, RX LOCAL
  • Prescriptions can be delivered right to your door
  • Low out of pocket cost for medications that aren’t covered by insurance
  • Copay assistance is available for those who qualify
  • We accept most major insurance plans including HIP and Marketplace options

Offering our clients equitable, quality care is at the heart of our decision to open Damien Pharmacy. Your health and wellness are our highest priority. We hope that by using Damien Pharmacy, you are empowered to put your best foot forward.

Please contact your Case Manager, Provider or call 317-981-1989 for information on how you can access the pharmacy.