February Volunteer Spotlight - Phil G!


February 15, 2011



This month's volunteer spotlight is Phil G! Phil has been a long-time volunteer at The Damien Center, and he did a fantastic job in our new Speakers Bureau! Phil spoke on behalf of The Damien Center at Epworth United Methodist Church. This was the first speaking engagement for the Speaker's Bureau, and Phil did it admirably. You can often find Phil at the testing reception desk.

Have you ever held a volunteer position before?

No, nothing like this.

How do you hope to serve the community and our clients here at The Damien Center?

By doing whatever is needed of me, and attempting to further the mission.

What experience would you like to gain from your volunteer position here?

I'm not sure. I've done everything but clean the bathrooms!

What are some attributes that you feel you contribute to The Damien Center in your assigned position?

A smile in by voice and my heart, and an open mind.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Working on my home and gardening


Crochet - I'd like to be more adept at it

Working out at the gym and bicycling

Purdue football

Loving my family