Bill Pritt

Forty Five Degrees, Yogulatte owner long-time Damien supporter


April 23, 2013



Before his chic Mass Ave restaurant and coffeeshop/yogurt destination were born into existence, Bill Pritt was a volunteer for The Damien Center. As a Buddy in the Center's Buddy Program, Bill spent time with those living with HIV, helping them out with big things and little things, and walking alongside them, as a friend, through the good times and bad. Eventually, after the Buddy Program transitioned into a variety of different programs and services, Bill transitioned into volunteering as a Dining Out for Life Ambassador, representing The Damien Center and talking to diners about what it means to support the local fight against HIV/AIDS.

So, when Bill opened his first Indy restaurant in 2006, it was only natural that he would sign Blu Martini up to participate as a Premier Restaurant, giving 50% of proceeds for one day to The Damien Center. Since then, Bill has focused his time and efforts toward opening and developing Forty Five Degrees and Yogulatte, his two side-by-side Mass Ave eateries. Opened in 2008 and 2010, respectively, each restaurant gives at the Premier level, so a generous 50% of diners' bills goes back to the local fight against AIDS.

"It's my favorite check that I write all year long," Bill says of his support for the Center and the event. "You can't do everything, but you can do something, so we decided to do this."

Here at The Damien Center, we encourage our supporters, friends, and Dining Out for Life diners to keep returning to our participating restaurants all year, to continue saying thank you for the generosity these restaurants show us each April. And according to Bill, Dining Out does matter to his customers. "People recognize our support throughout the year," he says.

While many diners (including us!) return to Dining Out for Life restaurants to continue showing our support all year long, we also think people go back to Forty Five Degrees and Yogulatte for the food and drinks! Many know FortyFive Degrees for their sushi, which is no doubt top-of-the-line, but we're also fond of the Forty Five Salad (with grilled salmon ... mmm), lettuce wraps, and oh so much more. And let's not even get into the martinis. You can't go wrong!

At Yogulatte, which is an obvious post-Forty Five Degrees dessert stop (or really pre- or post-anything dessert stop), you get to build your own frozen yogurt treat from start to finish. And it's really fun. First, you pick your yogurt flavor, or two or three if you want. Rich, creamy, classic flavors like peanut butter, raspberry, vanilla bean, chocolate, and strawberry site alongside quirky offerings like dulce de leche, toasted marshmallow, and cake batter. And that doesn't even account for the fat-free options, dairy-free options, and double-duty dispensers, which feature two flavors in one (chocolate/peanut butter anyone?). Then, the toppings. OH, the toppings. Crushed Oreos, fresh fruit, sprinkles - you name it, they've prepped it. A scoop here, a scoop there, and you've got a handcrafted dessert. Yogulatte also serves coffee and other hot drinks, so we also like to stop by for our daily caffeine boost when we're running low.

Convinced yet? Dine out at Forty Five Degrees, Yogulatte, or any of our participating restaurants THIS THURSDAY and 25-100% of your bill will go back to The Damien Center and the local fight against HIV/AIDS!