Mad Masquerade Costume Ideas


September 30, 2011



Welcome to the Costume Ideas blog series! This series is intended to inspire your inner fashion designer so you can look like you stepped out of the 1950/60s when you walk into Mad Masquerade.

Men in the 1950s and early 60s were very traditional; this was the era of the man in a gray suit. Coats were unwaisted with one or three buttons, typically worn with a white shirt, tie, and cufflinks. Other common suit colors were tan or navy. Pennyloafer shoes and a hat (usually a fedora) rounded out the look.

The mid-to-late 60s saw more diversity in men's fashion than ever - brighter colored dress shirts like plaid were more accepted. Ties were changing sizes (both to skinny ties and wide ties) with stripes and patterns - unheard of just a decade earlier. Suits became more tailored, thanks to Italian designer influence.

Where to find this vintage menswear? Try Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection, geared specifically toward the Mad Men look! (A promo shot from the collection can be seen to the bottom right.) They also have a pretty nice Mad Men collection for women, too! Other suitable options can be found at J Crew. (Picture top right.)

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