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March 19, 2021



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New Support Groups Launching

Starting on April 13th, Damien will start offering a Transgender and Non-Binary Support Group. The group will meet every other Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, starting April 13th. It is an open support group for Trans and Non-Binary individuals. The group will be co-led by two group facilitators, Erica Cox and Cosmo Xavier, and will create a safe space for trans and non-binary folks to come receive encouragement and talk about real life situations to increase resilience and strengths. Clients who are interested in joining the group can sign up at the front desk with the receptionist or send an e-mail to Erica ([email protected]) or Cosmo ([email protected]).

Along with the Trans and Non-Binary Support group, we will be launching a Damien’s Women Support Group in May. The Women’s Support Group will be a space where women who engage with the Damien Center can come to talk about everyday struggles and have a safe space to open up about what is happening in their lives. The group will meet bi-monthly to start out with, but the dates, days, and times are still to be determined. If you are interested in getting updates about the Women’s Support Group, please send an e-mail to Annie Nelson ([email protected]).

Additionally, we will launch the Pregnant and Parenting Support Group on May 3, 2021. It is an open group for all pregnant and parenting individuals to create a safe space to come and receive encouragement and talk about daily life. The group will be hosted by Jaime Reynolds. If you are interested, you can sign up at the front desk or send an e-mail to Jaime Reynolds ([email protected]).

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