Offering a limited edition Damien Center shirt

March Donor Update


March 11, 2021



Partnering with The Shop to offer

Limited Edition Damien T-Shirt

Integrity. Innovate. Community. Diversity. Equality.

These are the pillars of the Damien Center.

And this month, we're thrilled to announce our partnership with The Shop for a LIMITED EDITION Damien Center t-shirt!
Order your shirt now, and a large portion of the proceeds will benefit the Damien Center. The shirts are made locally and will ship out on 4/7/21.
This unique shirt will only be available through the end of March, so be sure to order yours today and show your Damien Center pride!

Get your limited edition Damien Shirt

Adapting to Serve Our Community

Warming Center

In mid-February, when temperatures fell to below zero, Damien Center opened its doors to individuals experiencing homelessness. Staff and volunteers stayed on-site around the clock for four days to provide a warm, safe, and clean place to sleep, as well as nutritious food, friends to talk to, and connections to needed services. While temperatures outside would have been incredibly dangerous, 13 guests were safe at Damien Center.

Covid-19 Impact Story

Deep Divides

Deep Divides highlights the results of the COVID-19 Impact Survey of Central Indiana's LGBTQ+ community.

New public health precautions to combat the virus quickly became part of our everyday lives. The way we work, learn, and socialize seemingly changed overnight.