New Facebook Page


March 01, 2011



We're moving from our old profile to our new Page! This transition was spurred by Facebook's new update to Pages, letting us do more than ever before.

One of new Page features that we're particularly excited about is the ability to interact with other areas of Facebook as our brand. Before, this was something that was exclusive to profiles. Now, we can go to Indiana AIDS Walk's Page and let them know that Team Damien Center is going to be there! Our Page can go on to Like Nuvo, or tag in one of our posts. Almost every reason that made us keep a profile is now made available to Pages.

But there's more. With a Page, we're able to surpass the 5,000-friend limit imposed on profiles, add and build our own apps, and get behind-the-scenes insights on who each of our messages reach. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We'll delete our current profile once our new Page gains Fans and momentum, so be sure to Like our Page to get the latest updates in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Indianapolis!