News roundup: HIV in the headlines


January 03, 2014



We like to think we're pretty lucky. As an HIV/AIDS service organization, not only do we get to do meaningful work that makes an actual difference in the lives of people affected by HIV, but also we get to see changes happening in our field on an almost constant basis. Yeah, some of them don't pan out the way we think they will, but we're encouraged to see scientists trying new approaches to finding a vaccine or cure for HIV. We're also encouraged to see more and more people engaging with the cause to end HIV/AIDS and support those living with it, eradicate the stigma surrounding HIV, remember those who have lived and died with HIV/AIDS, and have tough conversations about sex, HIV, and how it all fits together.

We also know the news is hard to keep up with, so we're going to be collecting and sharing some top headlines for you more often in 2014. Our hope is that you'll take a few minutes to see what's happening with HIV around the globe. Please keep in mind that by sharing these links, we are in no way making endorsements.

Encouraging First-Year Results for the "Increasing Access to HIV Care and Treatment" Initiative - January 3, 2014

HIV returns in two patients after bone marrow transplant - December 9, 2013

Life Expectancy for North Americans With HIV Reaches Historic High - December 19, 2013

New Studies Unlock Mystery Of How HIV Causes AIDS - December 19, 2013

Women with bisexual partners account for new HIV cases: study - January 1, 2014

Taking HIV prevention pill may not encourage risky sex: U.S. study December 18, 2013

Happy reading, and Happy New Year!