See Pita Pit, Punch Burger, and Red Lion on FOX59!


April 19, 2013



This Saturday and Sunday, tune in to the FOX59 weekend morning show around around 9:50am and you're going to get a special treat from two of our Dining Out for Life restaurant owners. You'll be cooking with the pros when Travis Sealls and Wally Bolinger put on their chef's hats and share their secrets. Travis, who owns Indy's new burger darling Punch Burger as well as the downtown Indy Pita Pit, will be live on Saturday to share some fresh, healthy recipes with viewers. Red Lion Grog House owner Wally will be on the show Sunday morning to share some Red Lion favorites that are certain to make your mouth water. (Seriously. Have you had the fish and chips? The buffalo burger? Bangers and mash?)

The best part? All three restaurants - Punch Burger, Pita Pit, and Red Lion Grog House - are among our top supporters for the 19th Annual Dining Out for Life Indianapolis! As our returning Champion Restaurant, Red Lion will be donating 100% of sales on April 25 to The Damien Center and the local fight against HIV/AIDS. Punch Burger and Pita Pit, both Premier Restaurants, will each be donating a generous 50% of next Thursday's sales, making it easy for downtown folks or those in a rush to still squeeze in a good meal for a great cause.

So let's talk about food. Besides featuring some of Indy's best fish and chips, as noted, Red Lion's menu is somehow both classically English and deliciously American. Sometimes English food gets a bad name for being bland, but not at Wally's joint. This blogger had no idea she liked shepherd's pie until she tried Wally's version, which is filled with savory, seasoned meats and veggies cooked into a thick, chili-like consistency and topped with creamy garlic mashed potatoes. You won't regret trying something new if it's from Red Lion. In a pickle about what to order? Just start eyeing the tables around you - something incredible is sure to catch your tummy's attention!

Indy's downtown Pita Pit, as those who like or work down in the mile square know, is the ideal quick-healthy-fresh lunch spot. You can build your own pita from available ingredients (everything from meats, veggies, and cheeses to red thai curry sauce and black beans) or choose from pre-planned pitas. You can go classic Mediterranean with falafels and hummus, go meat-heavy with a club or Philly steak, or stay healthy with a range of "light" options. Pitas take on a life of their own at Pita Pit, and you can feel good about your healthy choices.

Lastly, Punch Burger's menu is all about locally sourced, high-quality burgers and craft beer at a great price. All of Punch Burger's angus beef comes from local cattle farmer Dave Fischer. Dave raises his cattle humanely with no hormones or antibiotics, right here in Indiana (Jasper, to be exact). Once the beef reaches Punch, it takes on a new life as Travis and his staff dress it up with everything from the classics (Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, ketchup, mayo, American cheese. Done.) to the I-never-thought-that-would-taste-good-on-a-burger (Peanut butter, onion, Asian slaw, sweet chili sauce. Thai Burger.). You can also build your own burger, and don't forget to grab a pint of local brew from Upland, Triton, Flat 12, and more.

Now that we are officially salivating (and we hope you are, too), let's take a break for lunch. Go visit these three truly generous eateries today, and then go back next Thursday for Dining Out for Life. Find the full list of participating restaurants at

*Note: The juicy, cheesy burger and tots featured up top were photographed by WhonPhoto. Contact [email protected] for details.