Sharing the Love over the Holidays

Donor Impact Report


February 22, 2022



Donor Impact Report

Sharing the Love over the Holidays

This past holiday season was possibly the most generous in Damien Center’s history!

Individuals and households gave more than $50,000 in support of Damien’s mission and programs. These donations bring continuity and sustainability to all of Damien Center’s programs, ensuring that clients continue to receive the resources they need to survive and thrive.

In addition, donors who underwrote Thanksgiving and holiday assistance supported 236 households, another record-breaking number! Here are a few stories that of how your donations spread the love this holiday season.

 A transgender client applied to holiday assistance with her heart set on getting a Barbie doll for Christmas, because she had always wanted one as a child but would receive trucks and trains instead. She mentioned that while it may seem silly, she still thought about this regularly and to this day wished for a Barbie. Her sponsor truly went above and beyond, making sure to find her a doll and accessories that she would have seen as a child, and she was so excited to receive the Barbie for Christmas.

Another client had recently been through a divorce, lives on a fixed income, and has a disability. He would have had difficulty affording presents or getting to a store to buy them, but with the help of donors supporting holiday assistance, he was able to give his son and daughter presents this year.

Damien Center offered both Thanksgiving and holiday gift assistance to a client who is an immigrant and lives with multiple sisters, nieces, and nephews. She was thrilled to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and give her nieces and nephews Christmas presents.

Another client lives in a single household and does not have an income. He struggles with his mental health. He would not have gotten a Christmas present for himself without holiday assistance. Because he got a nice gift, he knows someone was thinking about him during the holidays! 

 From all of us at Damien, thank you for your incredible generosity this winter!

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