Still deciding where to dine out?

Downtown Olly's and Greek Islands giving 50%


April 23, 2013



If you're boring and don't want to have fun tomorrow, stop reading this right now. But if you want to laugh, be entertained, and nosh on some treats, all for a good cause, you've come to the right place! Downtown Olly's and The Greek Islands Restaurant, both Premier restaurants giving 50% of your bill to The Damien Center during this year's Dining Out for Life, are hands down two of the most fun restaurants we've got here in Indy.

Downtown Olly's, for starters, is open 24 hours a day. You read that right: sunrise to sunset and everywhere in between. So whether you're looking for a snack after a late night out, hungry for lunch, or just out and about looking for a fun stop, Olly's is the place. Besides being our only 24-hour restaurant to participate in Dining Out for Life, Olly's makes sure every guest is entertained. The atmosphere is vibrant, the decor is bright and fun, and the staff is super friendly. On top of that, Olly's usually has some kind of entertainment going on, like drag shows and karaoke.

A few of our favorite menu items? Start with the bleu cheese sticks and fried green tomatoes, then make the Asian chicken wrap your main entree. And remember: since Olly's is open 24 hours, you can visit anytime on April 25 (tomorrow!) and know that a very generous 50% of your bill is going to the local fight against HIV/AIDS! Lunch specials tomorrow will be penne pasta in a tomato cream sauce with blackened chicken, spinach, onions, and mushrooms, or Olly's taco salad. Either is $6.95. Dinner specials include grilled tilapia with a fresh mango, pineapple, avocado, and mint salsa, or Cuban-style chicken with a delicious black bean sauce and yellow rice. Either is $12.95. Plus, beginning at 9:15pm, Olly's will be hosting a Benefit Drag Show to bring in additional donations for Dining Out for Life. The lineup so far includes Miss Gay Indiana Vanessa Ryan, Mr. Gay Indiana Elite St. James, Tia Mirage Hall, and Silky Ganache. Shantel Sifuentes will host the show and also do a couple of numbers! Food + drag show + a great cause? Win win win!

Not in the mood for drag? The family-friendly folks at The Greek Islands Restaurant are ready to bring YOU into the family with homemade delicacies and some of our favorite Greek food in Indy. It's really a no-brainer, in our opinion, to get the saganaki (flaming cheese) at Greek Islands, and not just for the OPA! part. It's really good. Like, really really good. In fact go ahead and order a couple of them. You won't regret it. The restaurant itself is cozy, but we kind of like that, because it feels a little like you're joining owners Angela and George for dinner in their home, and the food tastes like it too, in the best way possible. Any of the authentic Greek entrees on the menu won't let you down, and the gyros and sandwiches are excellent lunch selections. For lunch or dinner, we especially love the dolmades, which are grape leaves stuffed full of juicy ground beef and rice, then topped with a sweet and tangy lemon sauce. Don't skimp on the side dishes either! The traditional Greek green beans and potatoes are both worth trying. We always feel like we're part of the family at Greek Islands, and the restaurant's generous donation of 50% of sales tomorrow makes it even sweeter.

Find locations and hours for Downtown Olly's and The Greek Islands Restaurant at, and visit us Facebook and Twitter for ongoing updates about Dining Out for Life.