We're turning 25! (And we've got lots to tell you.)


November 16, 2012



We're turning 25 this year, and today marks the launch of our year-end giving campaign to wrap up our anniversary year. What does that mean? Throughout this campaign, our goal is to show you the real impact of what we do and to inspire your financial gift to support the critically important services we provide. The deadline is December 31. From now until then, look for blogs, emails, tweets, and letters that (we hope) speak volumes about who we serve, what we do, and the success stories we've been fortunate enough to see happen right here at The Damien Center.

Below is a sneak preview of the inspirational stories you're going to see throughout the campaign. And we want you to know, there are hundreds more where this came from - stories of individuals who have overcome obstacles and risen above the difficulties HIV brings with it through the support we provide here at The Damien Center.

Already inspired? Make a 25th anniversary gift of $250 or more today and you'll become a member of our one-time only Quarter Century Club, a special giving society to honor those we've served over the past 25 years.

From homeless to healthy: Billy*

Billy is a 43-year-old HIV+ client who came to us only after being hospitalized and in very poor health. On the verge of being discharged from the hospital, Billy would have been homeless, without medication or a way to support himself. Instead, he came to The Damien Center, where he worked with his Care Coordinator to obtain safe and stable housing so he could stay off the streets and on his meds.

Billy worked hard to put together his application materials—a letter of homelessness and proof of income—and even provided a medical history from the hospital. Billy began to take charge of staying in care and finding the housing he needed to stay safe and healthy. Today, Billy manages his income, stays on his meds, and meets with his Care Coordinator to stay on track. Billy is empowered to monitor his needs, bring his issues to the table, and make decisions with his Care Coordinator to access the services he needs. His Care Coordinator has never been prouder.

*Name has been changed